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Huge thank you to Pace Driving School and Pierre who helped me get my licence first time! Pierre was very patient and helpful, and helped me be a safer and more confident driver. I would highly recommend Pace to all learner drivers

Hannah Lewis

My instructor Rose was fantastic. She had about 4-6 driving lessons with me and prepared me with all the fundamentals, key points to look for but also made sure that she kept a personal connection too which is a great bonus to have and made it so much easier to focus and learn. I wouldn’t have my license today without Rose and I just want to thank her so much as well as Pace driving school! Definitely deserves all credit and I highly recommend Rose to any young learner or anyone who would like to learn.


A huge thank you to rose for teaching me how to drive and helping me pass my license today! I definitely wouldn't have done it without you as my instructor so thank you so much, your amazing! xxx

Taylah-Jay Smith

Thank you so much to the amazing Rose! She is such an incredible teacher and even though our time was short together, and i seemed like an impossible case, Rose stuck by me to the very end! She is a beautiful person and I would recommend her and the school is anyone! Thanks to her I now feel confident on the road and successfully achieved my P’s! Thank you So much Rose!

April Loxton

Pierre was just the most fantastic instructor ever. I was so so nervous the first time I had a driving lesson and he was very lovely about it. He made sure to make me feel comfortable and keep me smiling even if I made a mistake. I just passed my license test on the first go and could not be more grateful. I was so nervous and shaking and he was just wonderful about it. Thank you Pierre so so much!!!!!

Jessica Mesa

“Thanks to Mark for giving me confidence in driving. I passed my test first go at the the age of 26. Being quite a nervous person, I am so grateful for Marks nature and being there every step of the way. Couldn’t recommend more.”


Huge thanks to Pierre from Pace Driving School for helping me to pass my driving test today on the first go(: I never thought I would pass my driving test and be able to drive as I was always nervous and stressed about driving until I learned to drive with Pace driving school...Pierre always made driving less stressful for me and he always had analogies like "Driving is like riding a bike of course it's stressful in the beginning but the more you do the more you achieve..." Ultimately picking Pace Driving School was a good investment in the end as they specialise in nervous drivers and helped me to get over my fear of being nervous...I would recommend anyone living in Melbourne to go with Pace Driving School and start learning to drive.

Lisa Houareau

The best instructor Pierre, wouldn’t have been possible without your help. I highly recommend Pace driving school! With my hard situation Pierre put himself out the way to fit in with my schedule early in the mornings and late afternoons. Very nice and great teacher! Thankyou for everything

Liam Smith