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Mornington Peninsula

Cruise Throughout the Mornington Peninsula
Learn First-Class Driving Skills Now

Pace Driving School Mornington provides reputable driving classes throughout the Mornington Peninsula.

Book in your lessons and get started for as little as $53, all with a highly reputable male and female driving instructors by your side. Our teachers are proficient in providing professional yet relaxed driving classes for both automatic and manual learners – we’re here to help.

When you enrol yourself or your child to learn with Pace Driving School Mornington, you can rest with the knowledge that we have capabilities and safety close at heart. We don’t believe driving lessons should be as difficult as they seem, and therefore we always provide classes in a fun manner that foster learning. Achieve the necessary skills to navigate Australia’s roadways effectively and safely.

We work to go above and beyond typical class standards, thus providing you highly cost-effective sessions that deliver on results. Quality capabilities and your child’s safety is our utmost concern, no matter what stage of the journey they’re in. Beyond this, our highly skilled and experienced teachers are fully accredited and respected across the Mornington Peninsula and Melbourne’s southeast.

Practical Learning and Engaging Experiences

Pace Driving School Mornington is known for providing lessons in a fun yet highly professional manner, ensuring your child develops the required skills to handle Australia’s changing roadways. Our classes are never dull, and we’re dedicated to providing sessions that you and your child can look forward to.

We proudly service the Mornington Peninsula and Melbourne’s southeast. Regardless of your needs, we can develop a driving lesson structure that suits your budget. If you want to enrol your child in our lessons, call today.

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If you want to enrol your child in Pace Driving School’s fun and highly effective driving lessons, please feel free to call us on 1300 055 127. Or Text us on 0408 775 712.